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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Traditional Parenting and Conscious Parenting?

Traditional parenting’s main focus is the child, whereas Conscious Parenting’s main focus is the parent. Traditional Parenting’s main tools are discipline and punishments, whereas Conscious Parenting’s main tools are connection with the child, holding clear boundaries, and modeling. Traditional Parenting uses high levels of control where as Conscious Parenting uses high levels of introspection and self-awareness. Traditional Parenting sees the child as a lower being who needs to be fixed and molded, whereas Conscious Parenting sees the child as the teacher


What are the results of Traditional Parenting versus Conscious Parenting? Traditional Parenting: Power struggles. Disconnection. Rebellion. Dependence on Consequences. Conscious Parenting: Deeper connection. Greater Influence. Elevated role as teacher to the child. More self-control of triggers and emotions. Traditional parenting is inspired and influenced by habits, conditioned beliefs, childhood experiences and trauma. Conscious parenting is inspired and influenced by science and research.


Who is a Conscious Parent Coach?

A Conscious Parent Coach has been certified by Dr. Shefali Tsabury in the Conscious Parenting Coaching Method.  I am a certified Conscious Parenting Coach with a degree in psychology, and  forever a student of the thought leaders in the parenting, personal development, and spiritual realms. My passion is to help parent's take joy in their children, even through the muck of it all. 


What will coaching be like?

Being coached is a transformative experience. It is gentle and thought-provoking. You will begin to see all of your patterns and conditioned behaviors more clearly. You will become aware of your triggers and learn tools to cultivate peace and equanimity in not only your relationships with your kids, but in every relationship in your life.

Coaching can consist of just one session, or can be ongoing. A minimum of 6 sessions is recommended to see big shifts. 

Meetings are over Zoom (or a phone call if you do not have access to a computer).

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